Double glazing of existing sashes.


Bring your windows into the 21st century whilst maintaining their original charm.

Thanks to improvements in glass technology original sash windows can now be double glazed saving typically 50% on quality replacement double glazed sashes.


We now provide a service allowing you to double glaze your existing sash windows.
We typically fit a 4mm-4mm-4mm configuration which consists 4mm inner toughened Pilkington K glass – 4mm gas filled cavity using a mixture of Zenon & Krypton gas- 4mm outer toughened Self Cleaning Glass providing an unbeatable U-value of 1.9.

We proudly fit the most traditional-looking double glazed units on the market which can be face-puttied, unlike other companies whose double glazed units have to be held in place with timber beads. These can shrink or bow over time allowing moisture in which could eventually lead to rot damage. The Victorian and Edwardian windows were designed to be face-puttied to prevent this.